Love This ....

Romantic gift ideas

Short of buying your lover the Taj Mahal, this is the most romantic gift ever! Richard will create a love song for your

Not all chocolate is good for you – but these are. AND, they have libido enhancing properties!

Getting Your Act Together

I ran into FlyLady recently. She’s a chubby purple fairy with a delightful attitude who helps you pull your household and sanity back together. (My sanity is still up for grabs but my sink is very shiny thanks to FlyLady!)

Lisa Earle McLeod encourages us to ForgetPerfectTM (forgetting just about everything has been pretty easy for me since menopause hit). Her books and columns are fun and inspiring.
Check out Lisa's new book: Finding Grace When you Can't Even Find Clean Underwear

Local Talent

Stella Rodine and I have starred in movies together, performed embarrassing songs together, and shared Spam recipes. A wonderful singer and delightful speaker for your next event.

Entertainment Resource Center has a data bank of local talent. Whether you are looking for authentic Zulu dancers or someone to play the didjeridu, they can probably find them for you.

Gettin' Down to Business

Wasabi Publicity is the enthusiastic engine behind my PR efforts, getting me lots of airtime so I can do all the goofy things I've always done IN PUBLIC! Their presskit247 is so forgiving even I can use it!

Susan Harrow of Harrow Communications has mentored me through the strange waters of public relations. Her book title, Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul , says it all (though I still might offer a percentage of my soul for a movie deal. . .)

Blue Flamingo Design, aka WebGuy, put this goofy site together, along with all those photos (which aren’t really pictures of me – it’s WebGuy in a wig). He designs great normal sites as well.

Dan Janal of ProfNet helps you link up with journalists and media types to gain exposure for you or your business. It is through this service that my most embarrassing moment has been featured in a national magazine (uh, thank you, Dan?).

Market2Editors will help you self-syndicate your column by sending it out to a kazillion publications in their data base.