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Heather, humorous commentator and self-confessed non-expert on many issues, is available to speak to your group on a variety of topics (and promises not to wear her jammies to your event). If you have a particular topic in mind and don’t see it under “most requested,” please contact Heather with your idea.

Most-requested topics include:

The Blessings of Cosmic Two by Fours: The only constant in life is change. And often the only control we have is how we deal with it. Heather will share her own experiences with change – the good, the bad, and the embarrassing. And with a light-hearted touch, she will offer five rules to help anyone survive and thrive through life’s inevitable changes.

Aging Joyfully, Not Necessarily Gracefully: Doctors are predicting that we’ll be living well into our 90’s, if not our 100’s! Do we want the next fifty years to look like the last? Heather presents her formula for invoking our inner thirteen year old to find new adventures, fun and satisfaction out of our next decades.

LP Romance in an MP3 World: 45 million people over forty in the US are single, and many of us haven’t dated for decades. So who can tell you what to do when your date has more hair growing out of his ears than his scalp? What does your underwear drawer say about your romantic readiness? Are you better off with your dog than a mate? Heather addresses these and other issues that will amuse and inspire both marrieds and singles.

Writing for the Real World: Why don’t kids seem to care about writing these days? Heather is available to come to your middle school or high school to teach students writing tips and offer insight and inspiration.