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Featured in Sacramento News & Review’s Recommended Holiday Gift List (11/06)

Featured as a recommended gift on Lisa McLeod’s Holiday Hints for a Happy Wife (12/06) in the Buffalo Times

Advice Sisters LogoRe: It’s Never Too Late to Look Hot, The Advice Sisters (Best Gifts for Holidays ‘06) says “One of the best things . . . is that it features believable woman over that ‘certain age’ who aren't just bit players as a "grandmother" or a "mom." . . . The book is fast-paced and amusing--a must-have for women who love chick-lit and want something a bit more unique. Give it to that friend who is afraid of turning 50 and assure her that ‘It's never too late to look hot!"

Advice Sisters LogoJim Harriot with AARP’s Prime Timedescribes Heather’s books as “chiclit that guy can enjoy, too….in a league with the likes of Nora Ephron.”

“This story is rich, witty, relevant, funny, and told in a context that will make great sense to men. The author is uniquely dangerous as a translator of this genre to men, and could be starting a great precedent. I am looking forward to stealing into the chick literature section for her other books.” TR Ginn, an review of It’s Never Too Late to Get a Life