The Author...(the long story)

Heather Estay grew up in Denver, Colorado as Heather Stevens (that’s her maiden name, not one given to her by the witness protection program).

She moved to Northern California in 1969 to attend Stanford University and has been on the west coast ever since (based on her unwillingness to shovel snow and her aversion to fuzzy hats with ear flaps).

She graduated from Stanford (much to the chagrin of the alumni association) with a degree in psychology. But, realizing that her personal philosophy of “just get over it and get on with it!” would not endear her to many clients, she pursued alternate avenues of employment. Among other things, Heather has bought houses and remodeled them, worked in a French restaurant, taught martial arts, and had a short stint operating a shrink wrap machine (she claims that she has since recovered from the fumes). Her seventeen years in commercial real estate finally drove her to the brink, motivating her to find a career where she could spend all day muttering to herself in her pajamas: a career as a writer. (As with most of the things Heather has attempted in her life, she has absolutely no background, qualifications, or training to do this.)

Heather wrote and sold her first humorous novel – It’s Never Too Late To Get a Life – in 2003 within five months (because she is too naive to know that this is not how things are supposed to work). Her second two novels – It’s Never Too Late to be a Bridesmaid and It’s Never Too Late to Look Hot (are we sensing a theme here?) – were released in 2006. These days, Heather spends most of her time in her jammies, chained to her laptop, writing goofy novels and goofier columns. Every once in a while, she gets out of her jammies for speaking engagements and TV interviews. She often showers for such activities. Heather is unintentionally single and resides in Sacramento, California with her beagle Spud who adores her, especially around dinner time.

Short Bio