Heather’s Books:

Heather’s humorous fiction has received critical acclaim from her mother (“Your punctuation was excellent!”), her sisters (“You know some really big words!”), and her dentist (“Who knew you could be so funny without the nitrous?!”).

Heather’s books have also been reviewed by people to whom she does not owe money. Available via all major booksellers, Heather’s books have also been spotted in airport bookstores AND in actual libraries!

Heather's Columns ....

Just A Musing is Heather’s weekly column about a little bit of everything and not much of anything really. But the columns make her mailman laugh. If you or your mailman would like to read recent columns, feel free. If you or your editor (or your mailman) wish to publish Heather’s weekly column, you will automatically become Heather’s new best friend.

Recent Columns:

Pluto’s Plight Due to Peeved Palates: In case you missed it, last August, as Pluto was orbiting around with its buddies Charon and Triton and minding its own celestial business, a group of scientists with nothing better to do gathered together (in lieu of getting real jobs) to reconsider the definition of “planet.”. . .READ MORE

Of Mice and Me: I have mice. I have uninvited, unwelcome, politically incorrect mice, who have invaded my personal space and refuse to leave. . READ MORE

I’ll Be at Mom’s for Armageddon: . . .though Mom may eschew the traditional holidays, there is one event for which she will always be the ultimate hostess: Armageddon.. . .READ MORE

Steal My Identity, Please!: There’s been a lot about Identity Theft in the news lately, and frankly, most of what I read is clearly prejudicial against the entire concept. Once again, The Media chooses to leap on the negative bandwagon and ignore potential positives. . .READ MORE

List-less in Sacramento: Hello. My name is Heather, and I am a To Do List Addict. . .READ MORE

A Very Merry Un-birthday: Dear Euan, Happy Fiftieth Birthday! Except, well, (and I hate to be the one to break the news to you), you are not fifty, my friend. . .READ MORE